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Voice and Singing Studio

Popular – American – Latin – International – Mexican – Classic & Opera

What to expect…

The voice lesson includes a portion of time dedicated to body and throat technical warm up and exercises plus the remainder of time spent on voice repertoire of the student’s choice (subject to the teacher’s approval in relation to the relevance of current focus of study and the current skill level of the student)

Warm up and exercises are usually scales and repetitive patterns to aid in strength flexibility and voice range. They always sound ‘classical’ in nature.

Other types of exercises can include speaking patterns, posture development and stage behaviour. All music styles are considered for study in song, except those which are damaging to the voice and therefore counterproductive to voice study. Examples of acceptable styles are classical, jazz, pop-opera, popular and music theatre. Please note that younger students may spend less time on technique and more on song enjoyment if the family’s focus is mainly just for fun. It is important to express these wishes to the teacher as soon as possible.

There is not enough time to include music theory in the voice lesson; it is recommended that the student take additional lessons in that area.

Ear training is incorporated into the exercise and warm up portion of the lesson to help tuning and rhythm.

The voice lesson’s prime objective is to develop the voice in beauty of tone, strength, resonance and musicality at the time that incorporate advanced vocal techniques to allow you to gradually approach advanced and highly complicated songs as you increase your vocal skills and powers.

Recommended length of lesson time:

Beginner ½ hour

Intermediate 45 minutes

Advanced 1 to 2 hour

List of Weekly Lesson Fees:

Voice ½ hour $30.00   45 minutes $45.00   1 hour $60.00

Music Theory ("Online group format" 1 hour)  $ 20.00 per person

Drop in fee (for those that cannot sign up for a regular weekly

Lesson time, voice lessons only) - $30.00 30 min

Payment arrangements are flexible, but usually payment for the month in advance is required. If this arrangement does not suit you, please let me know.


Please be sure to provide your home telephone number, cell phone number and email address just in case of emergency and cancellations. Is recommended that student come to their lessons as consistently as possible. Consistent lessons are necessary for consistent learning and the physical nature of learning singing requires regular exercise.

Studio expectations

Private lessons could be one on one (adults) or group session (special for children) where the teacher assigns technical exercises (voice scales and various repetitive patterns) for the strengthening and coordination of the voice, as well as songs appropriate to the performance level of the student for technical and artistic study.

Students are expected to practice these assignments at home regularly at least 3 times per week. Daily practice even better. (Remember, you are exercising your body for coordination, agility and strength and committing musical concepts into muscle and mental memory – this cannot be done instantly!). Appropriate practice strategies will be recommended

Professional, Semi-Professional, Amateur and other performance opportunities arise throughout the year for student participation. Students are always given the choice to perform when they are ready; also Marketing Promotion and Performance opportunities for professionals are available.

"ONLINE COACHING"   Available for Long Distance, International, Special Needs Students or any Covid19 situation.


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